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The Purpose of Passover.

A look at passover and it's relevance to the modern believer. By Maria Hartman.

Why passover is relevant to the modern day believer.

Passover. Does it matter today? Is there any significance to it for the Christian or only for the Jew? Will learning about it impact my knowledge of the God I worship today? Yes! Nothing God gave His people in the OT is irrelevant for His people in the NT. All things are applicable for all to learn right this moment.

According to Exodus 12, the LORD instructed Moses to instruct the people of Israel. A lamb was to be chosen; a lamb without blemish. The whole assembly of Israel was to kill it at twilight, and some of its blood was to be put on the two doorposts because this is where God would execute judgement. This blood would be a sign. Not just any sign, but a sign of immense and eternal value.

As a plague was heading their way, there was just ONE solitary possibility of escape. If God saw the blood applied to the door posts, He would pass over the home and the plague would not destroy those protected therein. God’s wrath was coming, but the blood of the lamb would spare those inside, providing for them as nothing else could.

Sound familiar? The celebration of Passover clearly and powerfully points us to the Son of Man; the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Join us on April 6th at 5:30 for so much more as Pastor Karl shares great treasure from the Word.

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