Meet our new Interim Youth Pastor!

Tucker LaForce grew up in the church, and on a farm in Blacksburg, Virginia. He heard

the gospel numerous times as a boy, however, like many, he didn’t respond to the truth

until later in his life, after he personally experienced how empty the things of the world

truly were. When Tucker came to Christ in his mid-twenties, it was not a decision that

couldn’t be noticed. He surrendered his life to his Lord and Savior at this time, and has

never turned back from the incredible gift, and responsibility of what he had been given.

Tucker and Jody have been married for 16 years, and have 3 children: Faith, Parker,

and Millie. Radford Baptist Church was the only church that Tucker felt God was calling

their family to. After doing adequate research to determine where Radford stood

biblically (looking at the website and visiting personally), he was satisfied that Radford

was a church after God’s own heart, with strong biblical teaching, discipleship, and

children’s programs. God made it clear that this is where He was leading them.

Tucker has felt the clear calling of God on his life-- to preach and share the gospel, the

power and the truth that every man and woman desperately need. Although it is not to

be a senior pastor at this time, (as he originally thought), it is a call that will allow him to

use the great gifts God has given him to mold a generation of young people; our young

people. Tucker has accepted the position of interim Youth Pastor and will begin this fall

to train our kids with Romans 12:1-2 as his guide. The transformation of mind and heart

of each and every young person within the body of Christ is the goal God has given him.

It is one that will be the fruit of much prayer, instruction, and purpose. Join us in praying

for our youth to be molded and shaped into young people who will honor, bless, serve,

and glorify our great God. Pray for Tucker and Jody too, as they undertake this calling

with great joy.

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